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PretaGov - helps government and private sector deliver great digital services.

By using technology in smart ways, we offer effective web solutions while also saving money. We’ve helped a range of departments, from Transport, Health and Emergency Services to Local Government. Low risk, low cost and fit for purpose, is our mantra. We do this by using cutting edge open source and cloud technologies.

With standard development methods, it will take years and cost millions to implement digital transformation. PretaGov offers a range of cloud-based, low-code products that can help you deliver great digital services quickly, easily and affordably. Pricing is volume-based, so you can start small and frugal, and scale up in an instant when required.

PretaGov focuses on reducing the risk to government when entering the cloud to procure CMS Software as a Service (SaaS). It does this by ensuring that its services comply with Government standards such as the Security Policy Framework (SPF), accessibility standard WC3 WCAG L2 for the Disability Act, the Data Protection Act, data sovereignty, Public Records Act, government branding and information architecture guidelines as defined by the Government Digital Service Manual.

PretaGov’s products are registered on the CloudStore: G-Cloud 4 Framework and its digital services are registered on the Digital Services Store: Government Digital Services Framework. This makes procurement as simple and safe as possible – allowing public sector clients to concentrate on what they are best at – the delivery of services to their customers.

Low code products to accelerate your digital transformation

PretaGov’s low-code products empower your non-technical team members to roll out your digital implementation faster. They allow you to easily move services online and automate internal processes. If custom business logic is required, your IT team can easily do this with minimal, easy-to-learn coding. As a result, your IT specialists become enablers rather than a bottleneck, and there’s no need for expensive consultants.

Our key cloud based solutions to assist government in their digital transformation

PretaForm - Replace your manual, paper-based processes with an online, paperless workflow system. Easily create intelligent workflow applications for each process, including data capture, required approvals, and business logic. PretaGov can also make the electronic documents for you with our professional services.

PretaForm for GOV.UK - PretaForm is a low code dynamic eform, data capture and app design building platform. Using PretaForm, your non-technical staff will be able to create and modify forms, and create digital services that are GDS assessment ready. PretaForm has a version which complies with GDS design and cloud implementation security requirements - out of the box. So the digital service can go live on GOV.UK very quickly. Internal staff can also prototype and modify the eforms easily during future iterations to regularly improve the service, which is another GDS requirement. PretaGov supports them in doing this while looking after the software and cloud hosting. Perfect for moving many paper-based services online to save costs and reduce the time for processing. We help to improve the customer journey, read more about PretaForm here.

PretaShare Plone Content Management System - a flexible collaboration tool that is ready to use, yet future proofed intranet / extranet. This is because of its intuitive interface and powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. Bring your teams together online to solve problems, share resources and work on documents/projects

PretaTube Government Standard Video Streaming and Hosting - PretaTube is a scalable video hosting and streaming service that meets Government security standards. It's quick and easy to upload videos and metadata to our hosting service using our portal. Videos are automatically transcoded into web friendly formats. Use links to embed the video player into your website/intranet.

If you’d like a demo or trial of any PretaGov solution, just contact Cleartext. For more information visit the PretaGov web site.

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