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Email Consultancy Services

Some emails just have to get to their recipient, some quickly, some securely and we all know that standard email isn’t infallible. That’s where our Assured.EMail services comes in.

Our email consulting services help improve confidence in the number, speed and security of emails delivered to inboxes both to and from your business.

Our expertise helps organisations that rely heavily on email to transfer important information in a timely manner and avoid the risks of public internet routing and associated delivery issues. We provide benefits in a range of situations:

  • Improved business email delivery
  • Setup closed secure workgroups
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Backup email services
  • High speed process automation

Unique peace of mind for all your crucial emails

Assured.EMail services ensure you have previously unachievable peace of mind for all your crucial emails. We can help you to:

  • Ensure immediate, secure delivery of important or sensitive email
  • Guarantee you have documents in time for meetings or submission deadlines
  • Provide secure connections to take the worry out of sending sensitive data
  • Provide backup email services, pre-configured and always ready to use
  • Improve email marketing inbox deliverability rates
  • Reduce the likelihood of your emails being blacklisted
  • Keep you on the right side of anti-spam legislation

What can we do?

We'll work with you to move email from a barely understood inbox and store of probably 80% of your corporate data to a polished professional business communications platform with appropriate technologies in place for each email use case.

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