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I learned a while back that there are broadly three (or 5) types of client when it comes to technology;

  1. Early adopters
  2. Late majority
  3. Laggards.

The interesting thing is that if you spot a company that fits into 1. above and you have some technology that is leading edge you should stand a good chance of getting in front of them. There's also a downside, or lesson to be learned when engaging a client like this. They will always be looking for the next big thing in this technology area so you'd better keep up! To give you an example.

An early leader in the managed email security market did well in the mid 2000's signing up legal firms in Australia with one in particular being an early adopter of outsourced email filtering. Now in 2009 this company has moved to a new up and coming second generation SaaS platform,  Webroot Email Security SaaS, the same platform Cleartext re-brands as ClearEmail. So there are a couple of observations that I can make here;

  1. An assumption that early adopters churn quickly if better tech is available may be correct
  2. Selecting Webroot (then Email Systems) as the platform for ClearEmail was the correct one.

Given this industry looks at it's peers for trends and technology ideas it's a fair assumption that other legal firms will be taking note. This sector could once again be a rich hunting ground for eager sales executives to pitch their 'better, faster, cheaper' solution. So if you've got experiance selling messaging security SaaS, or even first generation managed email security services into the legal sector give us a call. :)

Published: July 13th 2009 at 11:30am

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