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I just read an article on The Register about Ray Ozzie and why he thinks Google Wave is "anti-web". It's a bizarre read because if it's accurate he's saying that the web relies on open standards, this coming from a Microsoft man, the worlds largest closed OS/Application stack vendor! He's probably confused between open standards and open source, but Microsoft has never embraced either of these anyway. How many thousands of hours have developers spent reverse engineering Microsoft protocols and file formats?

But to be fair to Ray he's probably not the man to be commenting on agile real time web technologies, he's built his reputation by understanding how large corporates work and building platforms they will use, like Lotus Notes and Groove (now part of Sharepoint). I think he's actually defending Mesh, which is built on RSS and Atom payloads, how quaint, good old fashioned poll and pull tech, at least Mesh is using Atom. Maybe someone will put up a Mesh<->Wave gateway.

There's room for both HTTP polling (Comet, long polling, AJAX etc) and XMPP push on the net. In fact you can do XMPP over HTTP (BOSH). I wonder if Ray realises that the client-server part of Wave is HTTP? The crux of it is that Wave isn't "anti-web", all the end user interaction is via a web browser and HTTP, it's only the server to server component that uses Google Wave Federation Protocol (which is XMPP'ish). Perhaps Ray has a new web (HTTP) server to server protocol he'd rather use?

Published: June 9th 2009 at 12:09pm

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