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Google announced Google Wave yesterday, described as 'what would email look like if it was invented today' Here's my own bullet point summary;

  • Moves Google along the real time web tech path
  • Web based, close to real time collaborative messaging and content editing
  • Desktop app user experience
  • Browser part is Web 2.0+ tech based, that is extensive use of AJAX, HTML 5 etc
  • Probably harder to create spam for as they underlying protocol is more secure
  • Open sourced, mostly, protocol and some demo code available
  • Everyone can run their own Wave servers
  • Plugin architecture to add things like Twitter messaging.

You've all heard me bash on about XMPP, well Google Waves underlying transport protocol is XMPP with an open extension. - In my opinion this will probably replace GMail. Wave's addressing syntax is probably XMPP so GMail users will already have an account on the GMail domain. In fact if the whole planet moved to Wave we'd just use our current email addresses, eg I'm already on email and XMPP IM so I'd be the same on our corporate Wave server.

Main concern I have is bandwidth and message overhead, there was a lot of realtime data transfer going on in the demo, apparently at a character level, which is madness really. We'll have to hoppe that as the dev team is based here in Sydney (the Google Maps guys) that they've factored in poorly connected communities.

Published: May 30th 2009 at 12:13pm

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