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Every now and then we get this questions, my usual response is;

Unfortunately marketing email and spam filters are always at loggerheads, the former trying to bypass filters and the latter trying to block ‘junk’ email and of course end users concepts of what constitutes junk is often incorrect so spam filters end up being trained incorrectly. Best to read up on the subject at Campaign Monitor;

Ged Neville from Campaign Monitor Support sums it up well in a recent email;

Whitelisting will assist bypassing spam filters for internal email sends, but for avoiding spam filters in general, I would recommend the following tips when composing your Campaigns:

Subject lines: 

  • Avoid excessive punctuation (!!!)
  • Use symbols and special characters sparingly, and only when relevant
  • Avoid spam words and phrases
  • Implement a healthy image:text ratio
  • Steer clear of URL shorteners (such as Bitly)
  • Avoid using full URLs in link text ( )
  • Avoid sexual phrases (applies to content and URLs)
  • Opt for multiple images over image maps
  • Avoid using red text or lots of different colors and styles within a single paragraph

Additionally, I would recommend reading the following resource, which provides a closer look at how spam filters work and how best to engage with your recipients to reduce your emails going to recipient's spam folders:

I can of course provide consulting services on this topic and we do repreesent both Campaign Monitor and Proofpoint email filtering.

Published: October 21st 2019 at 9:20am

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