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An old friend and business contact just outlined the issue they had trying to get an IT Security startup going in 2018 and where I thought the market would be going in 2019, here's my reply.

... always the issue I've had, in a crowded market how do I stand out from the rest given my standard offer, by necessity, is very similar. I have the same issue, lack of a workable (large!) marketing budget. I've learned the hard way that if you don't have a large amount of cash to throw at marketing, and be happy to risk losing it with no return, then it's a wasted spend. Partnerships are the way to go, vendors and reseller partners really help me build recurring revenue. 

Where is the market going, that's always difficult to determine. I'm about to start a call out programme to resellers and customers to ask them what they will be looking to do, I do it every other year if I remember! It's always a good idea to ask your customers where they will be spending their money.

... people seem to be deaf to the issues at the moment, I think mostly everyone knows the issues are out there now and are assuming 'everyone else' is dealing with these iissues, their ISP, or SaaS provider for example. I think the rise of the cloud has given people a reason to push the security and compliance issues that way as well, ironically, given early cloud adoption was slowed by these same concerns.

So looking forward to 2019, I hope we can navigate another year and you will as well. 

Published: January 3rd 2019 at 1:42pm

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