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An old question came back to haunt me today proving that the IT industry still has a long way to go to get secure information communications working seamlessly, it was;

I am looking for a product/method for securely sending e-mail where the message and the attached file will be unreadable/unreachable if the message has been mistakenly sent to the wrong person.

It also needs to be simple to use. 

My answer is;

What you are describing is public key cryptography whereby the key to encrypt the data (email) you are sending has two parts. Your private part that you keep secret and a public part you share, called a key pair.

You would get your recipient to also create a key pair then you would use the recipients public key to encrypt (secure) the email so that only he/she could decrypt it.

The 'simple to use' part of your question is the bit that will need careful consideration, there are simple ways to do this.

I hope the person asking undertood my response, and I hope they find a simple enough system to use!

Published: May 16th 2018 at 3:43pm

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