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Following our recent survey on the importance of location to a business I have to report that whilst there was some merit in moving to a London address it wasn't at all clear cut with most saying location didn't matter.

See the results here, thanks to all those that participated.

As a technology business, selling software based solutions, that's not a big surprise as email, VoIP and web based collaboration systems mean we can be anywhere.   

So we've compromised, moving our registered office eight miles nearer to London, close to the M25/M40 junction giving easy access to clients across the country. Our new address is;

Kings Head House, 
15 London End, Beaconsfield,
HP9 2HN, UK.

Phone numbers remain unchanged as we're in the same area code.

Kind regards,

Director, Cleartext Ltd

Published: December 8th 2017 at 12:10pm

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