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Our assured email services give you certainty that email is sent over secure connections with secure protocols. We simply don't support non encrypted connections and out dated protocols.

Assured email services aim to solve most of the surety of delivery and a large part of the email security problem for many organisations without the need to deploy their own backup email system or deploy complex end point encryption technologies.

Assured.EMail's focus is speed of delivery and security of the connections, accepting only the SSL/TLS versions of email protocols, and removing the risk (of data and meta data leakage) from unsecured mail hops at or between different service providers on the public internet. 

Assured.EMail is designed for organisations who rely on email to transfer important information in a timely manner and understand the risks of using public consumer grade email and internet routing or relying on a single business email platform.

Ask us about pricing and additional services like email encryption, email archiving and how email classification can help with data security and raising employee awareness of these issues. Check out the web site at;

Published: May 24th 2016 at 3:43pm

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