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Improving Business Email Systems


If you're struggling with an overloaded mail server, or mail getting quarantined as spam, take a look at what's going out and if it's bulk marketing or transactional email we can help.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been told that 'the mail server is low on disk/memory capacity', or 'if we do anything else we'll have to upgrade the email server' and my ourbound email is getting caught in a smap filter.

Often you can squeeze a bit more life out of the current platform and improve delivery times through the outbound email route if you remove marketing emails from the main traffic routing. In fact you should really only be using your business email server for general business email not for email marketing (that's newsletters) or automated notifications.

I hear you saying that you can't do that because you or your client uses an internal CRM and they send bulk email through the main email server. You can probably setup a new connector or SMTP relay (even on the CRM host) to route this high volume traffic via a service like MailGun or SendGrid.

A better way to do this, with the added benefit that your public IP address is less likely to get blacklisted because of those mail campaigns going out, is to use an outbound email marketing platform like Campaign Monitor which has the added benefit of campaign reporting which the sales and marketing people will love.

Spam detection is now a complicated task, not just looking at content, but looking at frequency, latency between similar emails and many more parameters. The first 'marketing' emails outbound from your email server may pass all of the content tests by a 1-2% of the overall score but subsequent emails score another 3% because the system has seen many of them and rapidly so the filter triggers.

Here at Cleartext Systems we've been using (we're using it now!) and reselling Campaign Monitor for many years and can help with end user training, campaign setup and reporting, web site integration and much more.

We also practice what we preach using SendGrid for outbound SMTP traffic from our own CRM and from any systems we deliver that don't have a uman sitting at a maibox to send email.

If you're currently struggling with an overloaded mail server or email delivery rates take a look at what's going out and if it's bulk marketing, or transactional email give me a call, we can help.

A common cause of email getting filtered as spam in error is an overload of 'spammy' things in the email. Make sure the HTML is technically good and not 'broken' , avoid multiple font types, font colours and sizes. Reduce the number of web links and dodgy sales terms like 'Wordls Best!', 'Special Offer!!'' in the wording.

Published: May 18th 2016 at 9:38am

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