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Assured.EMailA few months back we launched Assured.EMail with a view to offering small scale bespoke email services which leveraged sub domain routing in a similar way to a well known government email service. With levels of interest building it's time to share the details again;

We're pitching this at the premium end of the managed email market with the service designed to compliment and enhance existing business email platforms. We're not interested in the high volume 'stack em high sell 'em cheap' services that everyone seems to be running, we're focussing on security and speed of delivery.

We're particularly promoting sub domain addressing, and inter-organisation email on the same platform, as a way for organisations to setup fast secure email services in parallel to their regular email platform. Reasoning and examples here;

It's a simple concept really, setup both sender and recipient mailboxes on the same platform, even if they are with different organisations this way we can offer higher levels of in transit security and faster rouitng to the destination mailbox.

Other uses of this platform are as a simple back service to complement an existing email platform for use in outages and disaster recovery and as a professional individual mailbox sevice for indepenant professionals who want to get away from the free email services. 

Read more on the web site or contact us for more information.

Published: December 14th 2015 at 4:09pm

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