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All Proofpoint Essentials customers have access to an Emergency Inbox in the form of a Webmail client within the Proofpoint Essentials portal, using the same login page as administrators and end users would use to view quarantine logs.

Customers on the Beginner Package get a 24hr mail buffer whilst those on Business, Advanced and Professional get 14 days. If you think it will take longer than 24hrs to get the mail server back up then upgrade the customer to the Business Package immediately to avoid mail loss through hard bounces. 

Enabling End User Access

As a minimum each Organisational Admin should familiarise themselves with the login process and use of their own Emergency Inbox, they should also be sure to self train on password resetting for end users. The Emergency Inbox is located on the Users & Groups | Users | Profile page.

This same page can be used to set a new password for an end user so they can login to  access their Emergency Inbox.

After clicking on the Emergency Inbox link they will get a compact webmail clint popup on screen. During a mail server outage this inbox will be populated with the users emails. They are able to read and reply to emails.

A key factor in the success of deployment of the Emergency Inbox process is that each end user has the URL, email address and password they need to be able to login.  We recommend that all users have this information in their 'on boarding' pack delivered by your HR department when employment begins.  

If this has not been done then a simple email or the addition of these instructions to existing business/disaster recovery plans is essential, remember if your email server is down you have limited ways of communicating this information post outage.

Other ways to issue Emergency Inbox instructions are via instant messaging or SMS to end users phones.


Published: November 11th 2015 at 12:56pm

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