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Whilst helping one of our partners resolve some email deliverability issues this week we made some notes which I thought I'd share. The assumption here is that your business email platform should only really be used for person to person email, not process to person (e.g. marketing), or process to process (e.g. invoicing).

  1. Audit your customers to find any outbound transactional or marketing email systems and configure them to use either;
    1. SendGrid, MailGun or similar for transactional (wages, invoice  batches etc) which will improve delivery ratios to recipients
    2. Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp etc for marketing email, as above improves delivery, especially to 'free' email addresses, plus adds campaign reporting
  2. Properly configure DNS
    1. Remove spurious, non essential MX records to ensure ALL email comes in via the preferred route otherwise spam/malware could find it sway in via the other record(s)
    2. Add SPF and DKIM records to enable receiving servers to validate that email coming from the customer is valid, or not. Again, this will improve delivery and reduce the possibility of email getting blocked
  3. Setup a daily/weekly/monthly process that ensures all staff and systems mailboxes are setup on all email platforms to ensure routing always works as expected. Monitor DNS for changes.
  4. Look at the email DR (data recovery) setup, maybe they would benefit from a mirrored mail platform on something like our Assured.EMail services, or have a subset of users that could use an assured delivery mail system.

Following the above guidelines will remove bulk email from your business email system, reducing load and storage requirements on the email server(s) and therefore improve performance and reduce latency through the platform giving everyone a better email experience.

Email is often overlooked because we all use it, most of the time, but email carries a very large percentage of business transactions and often we only realise we're heavily reliant on it when there's a problem. Be prepared, setup everything properly and provision a backup service.

Published: August 28th 2015 at 11:31am

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