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Well after years using multi-protocol chat programs like Adium to access my Hotmail, Yahoo!, .Mac and Jabber accounts I've made the switch to a 'pure' XMPP (Jabber) chat client. At the moment that's Psi as it's multi-platform running on Mac, Windows and Linux.  I'll be recommending it to clients when they sign up to our new hosted XMPP service ClearIM. So you're wondering if I've ditched my buddies on networks like MSN and Yahoo!, well no I haven't. That's because I'm using the Cleartext ClearIM service public IM gateways to connect to the 'legacy' networks that the big brands are still running.

This means all my chat, whatever network it's coming from or going to, is being routed via ClearIM, it's being archived as well, online, isn't that neat :) With multi-protocol desktop clients you don't get the benefit of single 'pipe' for IM that can add processes like archiving or content filtering, you're tied to a desktop solution.

This also means that I can run XMPP software like ProcessOne's OneTeam on my iPhone, no need for a multi-protocol app or multiple apps to handle all my buddies when I'm mobile. If you're interested in how all this works or how you can get a similar setup contact me via the Cleartext web site or leave a comment here.

Published: April 7th 2009 at 10:11pm

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