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Well I've made it onto the Board of the XMPP Standards Foundation, see our press release. This is a significant thing for me, having been pushing Jabber/XMPP since about 1999 when Cleartext 'version one' was developing an Enterprise IM platform called CipherIM. That product was modelled on the SMTP architecture with a proprietory plain text protocol. I soon ralised that this was a mistake and the last version of the CipherIM client was in fact built on the Jabber protocol, later to become XMPP. There are big things ahead for XMPP now Cisco own Jabber Inc, look at the way Cisco has pushed the IronPort brand and products into their client base. I feel sure XMPP has a good shot at becoming the protocol of choice for human and machine based communications.

Published: October 20th 2008 at 12:08pm

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