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Note: Axigen now have a 64 bit installer so this article may no longer be relevant.

I thought I'd post this, even though it's not the sort of contect I usually post, because it was a bit tricky to get going. A few steps to getting the Axigen (32bit) mail server running. - Update the OS first sudo aptitude update - Install the 32bit compatibility libs sudo aptitude install ia32-libs - Remove nbsmtp as Axigen will install an smtp transport aptitude remove nbsmtp - Untar the Axigen file tar xzvf axigen-6.2.1.i386.deb.tar.gz - Change to the new directory cd axigen-6.2.1 - Install forcing the i386 architecture dpkg -i --force-architecture axigen*i386*.deb - Run the install wizard /opt/axigen/bin/axigen-cfg-wizard - Start the server /etc/init.d/axigen start - Configure the server to start at system boot - Configure the firewall But remember that if you're going to need external programs to run with Axigen, like anti-virus etc then you'll have a similar challenge unless the supplier has a 64bit version.

Published: October 20th 2008 at 10:52am

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