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Huge news in the IM space today with Cisco announcing it's acquisition of Jabber Inc the main vendor of XMPP IM and presence technology. Cisco now have and email and EIM platform, with IronPort they have email security so I suppose the next stop is FaceTime. Of course we all know that when a big technology company, like Cisco or IBM, picks up a new platform several things happen, the new technology suddenly has access to a large market, look at IronPorts take-up in Australia since it was acquired, and the new technology gets an 'it's OK to use' sticker that usually means it'll take off in the enterprise. This is great news for XMPP and for Enterprise IM (EIM) in general. All of us that have been hanging in there with XMPP (or Jabber as it was known in the late 90's) will be excited about the opportunities that this brings to the market. So a further analysis is interesting, Cisco bought PostPath an 'exchange' equivalent platform, and IronPort an email messaging security appliance. So the next logical step for them is to buy the last remaining IM security provider, FaceTime.

Published: September 20th 2008 at 11:13am

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