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I tend to ignore Gartner, mainly because they're always hyping something, often the same thing. Take IM for example, since Cleartext started out with IM in 1999 they've been saying there's high growth in EIM over the horizon. I suppose that's true in a way, if you take them literally and we're walking towards that horizon I suppose we never will get there :) Back on topic now... It's been obvious to us in the IT security space for years that as perimeter security improves the need for end point security diminishes (not), so the article on SC's site was a breath of fresh air and I'm pleased Gartner now realise this... Maybe their UK based Research VP should talk to the good people at the Jerico Forum before dribbling on about (Australian) security in enterprises in a thinly veiled advertorial.

Published: September 19th 2008 at 9:46am

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