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Whilst looking for stats on broadband I went to the OECD Broadband Portal and spent an hour getting depressed by reading the various reports, snippets like this aren't good reading if you live in Australia!;

Prevalence of explicit bit/data caps among surveyed offers, by country. Australia was one of four countries with 0% of plans with 'No explicit bit cap', the USA was one of 10 countries with 100% of plans with no explicit bit cap. (OECD Broadband Statistics, October 2007.)
Average broadband monthly price per advertised Mbits/s in USD. Australia was $21.34 compared to the USA at $12.60, in a range from $3.09(Japan) to $97.43(Turkey). (OECD Broadband Statistics, October 2007.)

Published: March 24th 2008 at 7:42pm

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