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Following on from my earlier post about reviewing technologies I've been having another look at the Jabber/XMPP community and there are some interesting things going on. OpenFire from Jive Software now includes public IM gateways in the open source version, this used to be in their Enterprise version, so everyone can run a sensible company IM platform now. OpenFire runs under Java so it's OS independant. Jabber Inc have a new web site and have opened an online store. Big news for Jabber Inc is that the US Marines selected Jabber XCP. Jabber XCP runs under Linux, 'nix and Windows. Jabber Store A newer commercial player in the XMPP server market is Process One who maintain the ejabberd open source server. Here is a server that is open source, supports virtual domains and most other key RFC's. ejabberd is written in Erlang, which looks ideal for an xmpp server and even a web server which looks like it massivley out performs Apache.

Published: March 21st 2008 at 9:45am

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