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I'm re-organising my servers and have to make some hard decisions about what hardware and OS' to use for various applications, what to run myself and what to move to virtual or dedicated hosting. I'll update this post when I've worked out what to do. I have the following, all running on a gigabit network (switches etc) and some have external FireWire or USB drives attached for local backups. 2 x Apple G4's running OSX Server 10.3 and 10.4

  1. 10.4 - This hosts all of my client and company web sites, email and IM and user accounts. Basically everything on one box with RAID'd HD's and backup to NAS.
  2. 10.3 - A mirror of the live server and my test and development server that's used before deploying client apps/sites.
3 x Intel clone servers running Linux and BSD
  1. CentOS Linux IPCop box which is my front end firewall and port forwarding.
  2. FreeBSD running FreeNAS with 750Gb RAID mapped to by the servers listed here for online backups.
  3. Debian Linux running as a dedicated box in Netregistry's data centre.
2 x Dell Windows servers
  1. Windows 2003 Web Server 1U rack mount, 250Gb RAID, was running SugarCRM internally, now not in use.
  2. Windows SBS tower 250Gb RAID running VMWare for some J2EE apps like Jives OpenFire and Clearspace for evaluation.
I suppose I should put all of this in a matrix against the services I need for various things and go from there.

Published: July 14th 2007 at 5:07pm

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