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It's 2007 and taking a look back there are a few observations; It's three years since I started looking at phishing and trying to decide whether it would be an ongoing threat or not. Well at that time I came to the conclusion it would become a serious issue and went ahead and investigated the viability of anti-phishing services, and in fact designing and launching a pilot service for MessageLabs. Several such services are now available from companies like MessageLabs and Sophos. We spend a lot of time researching messaging solutions so it's great to see an organisation like Cisco working with solutions vendors selected by Cleartext as 'best of breed', in a way this validates our selections. Two such instances are Ciscos acquisition of IronPort , our preferred email security appliance and Ciscos announcement of their Unified MeetingPlace integration with Jabber XCP , our preferred (instant) messaging and presence solution. Finally we've been tracking collaboration solutions and are pleased to announce that we're now representing Jive Software in Australia. Why is Cleartext moving into collaboration solutions? It's because email is overloaded and alternative messaging and communications technologies are starting to merge because organisations need alternative ways of making sense of a deluge of information.

Published: January 11th 2007 at 8:15am

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