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Well, it went OK really, once I’d worked out a few things, here goes;

  • Backup all your files, that’s everything in you home directory to a removable drive (a FireWire drive if you can, it’s faster)
  • Make a list of all the apps you have and their serial numbers etc, I created a spreadsheet listing app name, vendor, serial number, user name.
  • Use the Apple FireWire transfer (Migration) feature AFTER you have backed up the source (old) machine, and then deleted as much old content as you can. No point in moving stuff you don’t want. The reason for this is that your home directory will be large, mine was 26Gb!
  • Use the Mail import feature across the FireWire connection to grab your old email, after the Migration. Or just file copy everything from /HOME/Library/Mail
  • Spend some time cleaning up your file system on the target (new) machine to re-claim some space.
  • Check all apps web sites to make sure you have the latest version, particulary to get the Universal Binary versions if they have them.

That’s it, I’m writing this on the MacBook, I reckon it’s setup 95% of the way the old PowerBook was, which is fine.

Published: October 1st 2006 at 8:49pm

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