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I must say that after spending the whole weekend coming to grips with Ruby on Rails I’ve given up and am going back to my ‘teach myself of php’ plan. As a seasoned Object Pascal developer with an excellent grasp of modern langauge concepts this was not what I expected.

I managed to get the development environment running on OSX and even built the tutorials but alas failed to grasp some basic concepts that would have meant kicking off my project.

This coupled with the fact that neither fck, TinyMCE or htmlarea appear to be compatible has meant writing off Rails as a viable development platform, users want WYSIWYG editors. Now I know why rails projects don’t appear to use such editors.

I’d say this to people inventing these dev environments: Wake up, it’s 2006, command line development went out with Turbo Pascal 3!

A good friend of mine moved to MS .Net a year or so back and I ribbed him about not supporting open source development, I’ll admit I was wrong, that .Net IDE is looking better every day, but I’ll need to buy a Windows box to run it!

Published: April 17th 2006 at 5:48pm

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