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I’ve always bought Netgear products. A year or so ago I bought a DG824M, plugged it in, plugged some servers in behind it and setup the port forwarding. All good, several web sites and domain names all pointing at an OSX web server.

Now the DG824M appears to be failing, it keeps forwarding port 80 to the wrong box, so off I go to find a replacement. The guys at Harris Technology said “get a DG834G, it’s the newer, upgraded version”. So I did.

The new router works, but whilst it worked from outside the LAN, I can’t access any of my hosted web sites from the LAN. The Netgear support guy said;

‘Oh, that one doesn’t have loop back!’

I said, ‘Great, which of your products do?’

He said; “I’m not sure…”

I said, ‘Well, your DGM824 that just died did’

He said, “Oh really… sorry I can’t help you. I can email someone who may be able to.”

Thanks Netgear, I’ll buy from NetComm next time.

So, I’ll take it back to Harris in the morning, meanwhile the old router is plugged in and working… but for how long?

Published: May 12th 2005 at 5:22pm

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