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I know it must be difficult learning about every IT product in a computer store. But if you work there and you don’t know something DON’T pretend you do!

For the third time in a month (and twice at the same store) I’ve spent several 100 dollars on equipment. I get home, spend hours trying to get it to work as described only to discover it won’t do what I was told it would do.

All I want is a box that connects to my wireless DSL modemrouter (wireless, not cabled) and acts like a hub to connect more computers to, with wires. I know now that Netgears WG111 Wireless Game Adaptor doesn’t do this. But that shouldn’t have taken 8 hours to find out the guy in the store was clueless…

I tried putting an RT311 router and a 8 port switch on the end of it. At least then all the attached PC’s could surf but I can’t access http servers from outside the network. It’s probably some wierd inbound routing issue.

Anway, I’ll just have to take the WG111 back and ram it… err get a refund, then run blue wires round the house again.

Published: April 20th 2005 at 12:22am

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