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I'm finally retiring the 6 year old Mac G4's that have been hosting for friends and family. They run OSX Server but as Apple piles on the upgrades, updates and fixes they've been getting slower and slower to the point where they're just not good enough to serve web sites any more.So here's my first mini review.After lot's of hunting around I've purchased a US$50/month VPS from Media Temple. This comes with Plesk which is fine and I've put Cleartext and Cleartext Systems sites as well as a couple of R&D domains. It's working well if a tad slow during the Californian day.Part of the attraction was their advertising that they supported Ruby on Rails hosting. This is true, but unfortunately it's noteasy with poor documents and a LOT of manual configuration.So to sum up, if you like Plesk, want a cheap reliable VPS then Media Temple is OK. If you want quick and easy Rails hosting, keep looking!

Published: January 10th 2008 at 9:06pm

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