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Looking for a hassle free way to migrate from Webroot? We've got you covered with our Webroot to Maildistiller Migration Services  When upgrading to a new software system or service we all want a simple path forward, maybe a big 'Import' button that we click and it's done. Well that's what we've been working on here for you, a simple approach to upgrading you from your Webroot email security services to our platform before the end of June. As a long term Webroot partner we understand their platform and are best placed to migrate you to our new platform. We'll help you migrate your domain configurations and show you how to do the things you do every day, like search logs, white list addresses, setup mail digests etc. Here's a snapshot of the features our platform has to offer.

  • Anti Virus & Spam Filtering
  • Comprehensive Email Logs
  • Zero Hour Outbreak
  • Pure (Content Filtering)
  • Email Spooling
  • Emergency Inbox
  • Instant Replay
  • 10 Year hosted email archive
  • Tamper-Proof and Offsite
  • Search and eDiscovery
  • Unlimited Storage (10 Year Archive)
  • Multi-level logins
  • Domain Management
  • Reporting
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Archive Messages Statistics
Cleartext was one of the first providers of combined business class hosted email and managed email security when we launched ClearEmail in 2005. Check out our testimonials, case studies and services in the right hand side bar.

Published: March 25th 2012 at 12:47pm

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