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There's exciting news today as we're launching a new business to sit alongside our established Cleartext messaging business, we're calling it Cleartext Systems, a trading name we already own under Cleartext. Since 2005 we've come across an increasing number of small businesses looking for help with their IT systems. Typically they aren't big enough to have an IT Manager/Director and outsource their IT to a services provider.  This is a good strategy but there's a fair amount of churn in this sector and tech changes rapidly, open source, mobile, cloud etc. So there's a gap in the market for someone to provide independent part time IT Manager/Director services, and that's where Cleartext Systems steps in. This business is a vehicle for me to use my considerable experience in selecting, building and delivering leading edge IT systems and apply this to smaller businesses. We'll be keeping it small, offering to complete short term projects to modernise and streamline a businesses IT through the selection of IT systems and services providers that fit their business.  I'll also be signing up a few clients on a retainer basis where they need longer term commitments. I'm excited about this because it gives me way to stay connected to the real business requirements of small to medium businesses which will feed back into our messaging platform at Cleartext. It monetises activity which is already part of what we do in an adhoc manner for clients and takes to market some of what we've learnt building Cleartext, the messaging business. Of course we've launched a new online presence for this platform, go and take a look at what we managed to put together in 3 working days. If this is something you'd like to engage us to do then get in touch now, limited places available!

Published: September 16th 2007 at 12:38pm

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