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After a long-awaited period of uncertainty for Postini customers since the acquisition of the company by Google in 2007, Google have announced that they are going to phase-out their standalone Postini email security service and merge it into their Google Apps offering. Postini customers who choose not to transfer their accounts to Google Apps will have their Postini service terminated, which will leave inboxes open to many email security threats such as spam and phishing attacks.

The transition to Google Apps is worrying for many customers as it will mean considerable changes to the current Postini services. Google has announced that “the new features in Google Apps will operate differently than those in Postini. Some Postini settings don’t have an exact equivalent to the new features, so you will want to re-examine your business requirements.” As part of these changes Google plan to phase out the Postini Message Filtering service and Small Business package. Furthermore, Postini customers who are due to renew their services in November this year have only been notified of these changes this month which has left them little time to consider their options.

As opposed to the few ‘minor’ changes that have been made to the Postini offering from the Google acquisition, Maildistiller as a growing leader in the email security space have continually and openly shown their commitment to product development and better technology with an ever-expanding feature list and an unwavering concentration on R&D. As a result, both the Maildistiller technology and the enthusiastic, expert team behind it are ready and poised to help any ex Postini users, who want more for their email security than a stripped down version of what they used to rely on, with a quick, smooth and hassle-free, managed migration.

Earlier this year when Webroot exited the email security market Maildistiller became partner of choice for their customers and to date have successfully migrated over 60,000 exWebroot customers. Which we hope stands testament to our product offering in a crowded marketplace! However, please don’t fear a pushy sales pitch if you get in touch with the Maildistiller team. Yes we’d love the opportunity to welcome you on board the MD ship, that’s a given, but in a somewhat revolutionary (perhaps slightly crazy) standpoint, this is also a secondary goal.

In the first instance we’re genuinely more than happy to take information calls from any anxious or distressed Postini users who would just like some friendly advice or have their queries answered in the interim – think of us as the emergency services number that isn’t listed or that big red panic button that doesn’t seem to have made an appearance like it does in the films. Give us a call, offload your frustrations, evaluate your options and then when you’re ready make the decision that’s right for you and your business – that won’t always be Maildistiller, we know that, but hey, sometimes being friendly and helpful is just much more important. via Maildistiller

If you would like more information on the unique Maildistiller solution you can them on +1 800 830 7416 (US) +44 (0) 844 800 8456 (UK) or alternatively email us (Cleartext) and we will get back to you asap.

Published: October 10th 2013 at 10:58am

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