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In the post '911 era there's much talk about business continuity services and I must say that here at Cleartext we have sold a good number of seats on email business continuity services. But business continuity is about more than just email so here we'll cover one of our partners solutions as well, Business Resilience from Tango Technology.

Email Continuity

We've always had a services bundle that comprised of spam and virus filtering along with an emergency inbox, this proved to be popular with IT Services companies looking for a way to give their clients a backup email service in case of an email server failure or other event that could cause email access issues.

The good news with the migration to our new Maildistiller platform is that the emergency inbox feature is now available as part of the Business Package meaning customers migrating from Webroot will enjoy this important feature whether they had it before or not.

There's another reason to migrate to Cleartext's new preferred managed email security platform and it's called 'Instant Replay'. How many times has someone asked if you can 'find an email' that they have 'lost'?  Instant Replay allows you or the email user to replay a message from the clean email queue, isn't that smart.

Emergency Inbox and Instant Replay are both included in the Business Package, that really is something for nothing.

Business Resilience

Business Resilience is far more than a simple tape or online backup – it’s a complete operating copy of your IT environment, including data, files and applications, running on a secure, external server – which you can access via any web-enabled device.

Next time you have a power outage, server failure, system crash or other office disaster, you won’t need to wait days to rebuild your environment and restore your lost files. With Business Resilience, you can access your full, operating ‘Business Copy’ via the net in less than 2 hours.

Business Resilience is enterprise grade Disaster Recovery for SMEs. To make an enquiry please contact Tango Technology on;

+61 (02) 9993 3300 or email Tango at

Business Continuity

It's great to be able to showcase a service from a business partner, especially one that bundles our email continuity services with their own product.  Is now the time to ask yourself what would happen if your or your customers IT systems went down at a critical time?

Now's a great time to migrate to Cleartext's new managed email security platform and make the most of these new services before you get that call, '...the mail servers gone down'.

Published: May 3rd 2012 at 11:47am

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