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I get asked this occasionally as we've worked with Jive for about 5 years. If your main requirement is content creation and management with some social connections then it probably is. I've no doubt there are a lot of 'me to' products now, but Jive do understand the issues better than most in this space.

The other serious option we discuss with clients now is building their own, sounds extreme I know but if you're going to blow a $100k (1200*60 + setup costs) in the first year then ongoing licence costs for years 2 and 3 you'll end up spending half as much. This is the route we took with CRM, instead of a $15k 3 year SalesForce type deal we spent about $8k building something that was 100% fit rather than an off the shelf product that has to be customised or we'd have to change our processes to use.

I wouldn't have suggested this a few years back but the Web 2.0 revolution delivered some really cool rapid development platforms that can create great Enterprise 2.0 solutions. If you're cashed up, in a hurry and don't mind fitting in with Jive's workflow go with Jive SBS. If you want to keep costs down, have something that works well for your organisation and can wait 3-6 months build your own.

Published: September 7th 2010 at 1:32pm

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